Fork Knife


Its beautiful.

go and check out fork knife by BOB IS BOB!!!
plz tell me if theirs any bugs so i can fix it
more gun coming soon!!

Is this an actual game? If it is, please leave a link, I’d really like to see it @“bob is bob” !


sniper coming soon!



Thanks for the link @“bob is bob” - but when I tried to play, nothing happened… Is it because it is waiting for players?

Did you press play button?

it works fine for me

Yeah, I did. I’ll try it again.

It works for me now @“bob is bob” , I don’t know what changed though :lol:


multiplayer coming soon (probably soon if flowlab had a way to switch multiplayer off on an object @grazer plz)

Multiplayer is in the game now !!! Plz report any bugs. (make sure to press the refresh button to get the multiplayer to connect)