Found a bug in Project T 1.5, possibly unfixable?

yes. i found a bug in my own game. it’s a collision bug. when my player collides to the invisible wall, he bypasses it, and moves aside of it, and eventually, doesn’t show up on screen. i have BOTH the player and the wall set to use enable collisions and is solid in their properties. they don’t seem to work. Help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, can you post a link to the game, and maybe a few more specific details about how and where to reproduce the problem in your game?

Make sure that invisible wall has a sprite else it wont have a hitbox. Instead of having a blank canvas. Use [once]----[0]----[alpha]

@grazer i honestly don’t know how else to explain it besides, “When the player collides with the wall, the wall doesn’t stop the player.” Sorry. :frowning:

@jngthree ok. i’ll try it. Thanks. :slight_smile: