Found some broken Labels

The weird thing is that these are the only labels in the entire game that do this that I could find.
This also affects Drive alpha (original game), so it may affect other older games.

When I was checking Drive Nero, I noticed the alphas weren’t working for my point indicator.
When looking in the editor, these are the only labels that doesn’t blend with the rest of the UI.


These labels can still change value and settings but no alpha property works what so ever.
Whats worse is that if you delete these labels, it would possibly make a non removable / unmovable “stain”.



I test my games in incognito mode so none of these actually save to the game.
I fixed the game by moving these labels out of the game view and making new ones.
The behaviors are still in the game but this happens in Both versions of the game.

PC version (fixed):

Mobile version (not yet fixed):

The labels don’t work well in my games too, and they are super frustrating and difficult to work with. I have not been able to fix them yet.


I also recently noticed that I cant scroll through large amount of text in the label, only seeing the top few lines.

I’ll check these issues out - I recently revamped the labels as a part of the ongoing interface optimization, which probably caused these problems. Thanks for the detailed descriptions and examples.