fps coming out for pc!!!

You heard it!!! I am coming out with a first person shooter I made with Flowlab, but I’m having a problem…
-I cant make the bullets go up when i press space.
If ANYONE can help me out, it would be greatly helpful.
The game is still in beta, so please don’t expect much from it yet.
link: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/468005
Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

-Left Arrow & Right Arrow to look around
-Space to shoot

u might not want to have the hand slide but idk just a suggestion

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I, “to be honest” don’t know how to fix it.
Sorry. :frowning:

-I figured out how to make the bullets go up.
-by pressing “r”, you restart the game.
-added 4 targets instead of 2.
Have Fun! :slight_smile:

also forgot to mention i added a main menu. XD

add drag and friction to stop it from sliding

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ok. i will have to try it. thanks! :smile:

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Which sprite do i do it on? the player, bullet, or target?


  • by pressing “N” when ALL TARGETS are destroyed, it will take you to the next level.
    -Bug Fixed: When you press the left or right arrow ONCE, you look as far as you can go without stopping.
    -added 3 levels and a congratulations screen when you complete the game.
    Have fun!!! :slight_smile:

use it on the player, and, no problem. :wink:

Capture follow this for the hand and gun to not make it glide

I just tried ur game. It’s so good! Can’t wait to try the full thing! Keep going!

btw I found bug for you. You can skip the levels by clicking N at anytime. Still good game though.

Good job,

Heres some things you could do to improve

A- get a panorama of a battlefield and use it as a background

B- retexture the targets to “bad guys” and get a good texture for it

C- make the targets shoot at you if neglected, and make a health bar as well to put some difficulty in the game

D-make a reticule/crosshair so players can see where they’re aiming


Go to “layers” and click background. Its next to the levels

I know that but having the background move different from character movement

Oh thats in scroll view. Its called parallax. Slide it to 50

@jngthree not sure if you got my reply on your profile, but i just now made a new copy and edited it for you.
Thanks for your feedback! I need your help with a couple of things…

  • I wanted to add a Reloading Mechanism when you’ve shot 8, 12, or 16 bullets.
  • I wanted to add a mechanism where when all targets/ enemies are destroyed, you’ll move onto the next level.

Tutorial Pictures would be greatly appreciated.

btw, I will add a couple of your suggestions to my game, but i’ll have to rename the game.

Thanks once again for your feedback and suggestions. :smile: