Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

Hi everyone,

Ive begun creating 2D game art that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. Some is pixel art, some is derived from 3D objects that I created, and others are backgrounds that might be useful in visual novels and interactive fiction. Youll find them on my new ART pages on my website:

The art pages are located at the bottom of the menu list on the right side of the screen.

At this point Im experimenting with different styles and methods so hopefully I will be able to offer a good variety of things. Please feel free to modify / edit as needed. If you happen to find any of these images helpful and decide to use them, please attribute me in the game art section of your credits area.


@Eric_Matyas hey! It just occurred to me, youve made Sound effects, images, and now sprites!!! Dude!!! With all of this, you should make a game yourself!!!

You have all of the talents necessary!!

You’ve got talent, @Eric_Matyas ! Absolutely amazing!

Thanks, guys, I actually made a game a long time ago in (don’t laugh) Quickbasic. It took me a whole year and had about 100 pages of code. Debugging made my head spin so much that I never tried another one. Maybe one day. :slight_smile:

You should use flowlab! Doesnt even use code!

Thanks…maybe I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

I ventured into new territory this week and experimented with creating animated game art. Made a couple of lanterns that might work in RPGs or other things. One is an old style hand-held onethe other might work for a street or attached to a tavern or inn. Both shimmer with an amber glow. Youll find them here:

I also created a treasure chest (with a couple of variations) that might come in handy. They are here:

Feel free to edit as needed.


I opened a new page this week that has templates for maps. They might be hand?y for treasure maps, game world maps, etc. Just add graphics and text.

Youll find them here:

Feel free to edit as needed.


Ooh, these are nice @Eric_Matyas !

Cool! I have a random question: How do you make this art?

Thanks! I use different methods…which art are you referring to?

Happy Saturday!

Ive created some new island backgrounds that might be nice in visual novels, games, or other things.

They are here:

Please feel free to edit as needed.

Have a good weekend!

These are nice as ever.

The more realistic?.. I dont know, I only doodle and portrait.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ive started experimenting with creating pixel art-style objects. Youll find them here:

ART Glass Objects

ART Space

As always, feel free to edit as needed.

Cool new textures are on their way tomorrow.

Hey, these are AWESOME!!! I have a question, though. Flowlab only goes down to 32x32, anything you couldnmake for that? :sweat_smile:

@meburningslime, You can resize objects in the sprite editor
and you can resize objects by a behavior

But it cuts parts of the image off

Maybe use a different sprite editor to resize them?


Happy Saturday everyone!

More experimenting with pixel art-style objects here:

ART Glass Objects

Please feel free to edit as needed.

More new music is on is on its way. For daily updates as I release new tracks, follow me here:

Have a good weekend!

Hey guys,

Ive created some new nighttime urban backgrounds that might look atmospheric in visual novels, interactive comics or other kinds of games. Youll find them here:

ART- Backgrounds Urban

Feel free to edit / modify as needed.