Free education account?

I went to grazer’s profile to see some of his games and I got an invitation, now I have an education account for history class.
Clicked on it because I was curious, didn’t know it’d actually happen. LOL
Will this change back to Indie soon enough?
(does anyone else have this now?)

Kind of uncomfortable having an education account with a “Go to teacher dashboard” at the top of every single one of my games :grimace:

Was the invitation intended, or what? Does everyone get it, so if a guy with a free account goes to grazer’s profile, he can get unlimited games? Or just the forumers? What about latif3



@Luminous700 Education is better than indie so you should’ve said nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Curiosity killed the cat, I guess. Hopefully you didn’t sign up for the second most expensive plan via free trial. That must be a link grazer emails teachers if they want to try flowlab before buying.

Huh?! I just want my indie account back :anguished:

@grazer you there?

He will probably check this weekend. Until flowlab is out of beta, he probably has a lot of stuff to do outside the forums.

No it’s not, lol. Because now there’s the flowlab loading screen. With “education edition” on it, not good for google play apps.

Yikes, I was testing that and left it in - thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix up your account tonight when I get back home (I’m in an airport at the moment).

Well, there’s no benifits in education other than having multiple student accounts, which is like indie. But there’s a “teacher dashboard” on every single on of your games

Quick Latif3, build all the levels and games possible NOW! XDDD


An indie account is only about $1.25 a week, $5 a month, $59 a year. That’s just a little bit more expensive than Xbox Live. Most free users are kids or teens. I’d say to your parents, if you’re too young for a credit card, that if you’re doing okay in school, $1.25 a week isn’t that expensive for your parents. I used to get paid $10 every 2 weeks to mow the lawn as a kid. If I mowed the lawn 6 times, I could buy a year of indie. I would like to encourage parents and teachers to fund flowlab. It’s a great educational creative tool, and it costs less than a sandwich from McDonalds per week. That would be a good marketing gimmick. $5 a month, that’s cheaper than a Big Mac meal.

This place is awesome. Knowing I can make a fully functional game in a few clicks is cheaper than getting a burger.


Hmm I kind of spammed the new game button and eh… lots of games now :astonished:

But what if… I want a sandwich and an indie account.

I only have a free account :frowning:

The sanvich o.o

lol im broke

@grazer I still have the education account