Free trial for education

i dont know if this is a bug or something, but i have a free trial for education, but i cant do things that education can do, like i don’t have infinite objects, i cant change a game to multiplayer, etc.

could you help @grazer?

it says your free:

it says i have a 7-day free trial

Can u post a picture?

here the picture.

ok umm…

idk acually what to do

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@grazer sry for tagging again.

Are You Sure No One Went On Your Computer Searched Up Flowlab And Found The Education Free Trail Thing And Hoped For The Best?


whats happening rn? A bug in your computer?

Hey @ShadowGaming - did you request this today? Someone today requested a free trial, and after setting it up I realized that they are not a teacher, so I cancelled it. Maybe that was you?

If so, sorry but that is intended for teachers :frowning:


okay, that was me, I didn’t know, sorry :pensive:

No worries, I just wanted to clear it up.

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So im still removed right? just wanted to confirm :slight_smile:

If so, what do i do?

You don’t have to do anything - your account is still fine (it’s back to the free version), the timer will count down and then go away.