Friction problems

I have discussed this before, and I didn’t get a fix.
But does anyone know how to stop my player from sliding on Sunset Town (Level 7).
Here’s my game-

Where does the sliding take place? I didn’t slide at all.

Every time I load into it I slide, that would mean after a battle or a door. try pressing down next to a door than doing it again. that’s when it tends to slide.

ok (20 letters needed)

I think it is because the collision shape is capsule.

Is there a better one to use, while still allowing slopes?

I tested all of them and none of the other ones worked. You can try making the ground friction higher

I’ve tried every change possible with shape and friction but nothing works, what’s odd is that the bridges in level 1 work fine.

I don’t know then :cry:

@The_KWASM - it sounds like you may be running into this Capsule bug that was reported recently:

I don’t know of any workarounds (besides using a different collision shape) until I get a real fix deployed.