Frontal Attack Updates (Bullet Madness)

Hi Everyone I have been planning this for a few days, lets hope this skyrocket! So recently I made a page saying I need a game idea will I have one. Bullet Madness, Now I dont think I never did one
(if I am wrong pls correct thank you) So here we go. The main character is this cyborg with a big sword. You have to take down this monster that is trying to get to your planet, earth of course. But there is no one else except you, so it will be hard. :grimacing:(That includes hard coding, me noob)


Hi Everyone! It is time to take a peak at our main star!
So I have been thinking about this character for a while now, but there is no name for him yet…I just don’t know what to call him. Maybe you can name him! About this character: This game is techinally about the underworld and fighting off the demons to seal the gate, so they can never come back(story update) so he is half angle and demon and ?part human? MEH. So anyways he has a final form which I will show down below.
Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 6.55.19 PM
Left: Regluar Right: Final Form
Not quite done with it. You cannot be his final form intill the end of the story so since I have 5 levels I have to think this through on what to do. I have plans for some enemies to make it hard for you and me(coding…) But I wouldn’t tell you. Anyways back to our main guy he will have a big sword that once on swing will be able to block bullets, lasers, and kill enemies. The final form also have a “final sword”. This sword will do area attacks if it is used. Big slash, Big Group Of Enemies BYE-BYE.
So I think that’s it…If you have a suggestion for the character go ahead and tell me…

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Hello Everyone! I have added new enemies and new ways to die!

  1. So Right now I am trying to do a attack where a spike will attack. I want the spike to be a tongue coming out of the monster attacking the player, showing a red circle on the player then giving the play a few secs in get out of that circle.
  2. Added Spikers! They go up and down only for some reason. Still trying to add randomize moments.
  3. The sword is almost ready for battle. Just inputting slash animation.
  4. Also added slow motion ablity
    Here is how it looks like now.
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You should make him more angular then

Also name suggestion: Ronjohn

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