Fullscreen = Major lag?

I’ve been having issues lately with fullscreen - every game, my own included, performs poorly when in fullscreen. When out of fullscreen, I’ll be able to reach the FPS cap with the majority of games. However, in fullscreen, it’ll nosedive down to 15-20 FPS.

The issue immediately disappears when leaving fullscreen.

@grazer , is there as solution?
Is this happening to anyone else?



Yes, this is in fact an issue that would be great if it was fixed or even if there’s a way to change something in your game to help it.


That’s weird. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t happen to my games.
Sharing a link would help or a video.
Performance Metrics would tell you what’s causing the lag.


The likeliest culprit is probably your browser or video card. Have you tried in a different browser? What sort of computer are you testing with?


Haven’t tried a different browser (currently Opera GX), and I am using a PC.

Also, to respond to @Samuel_PixelPizza - as far as I can tell, the FPS is not shown to drop when entering fullscreen, but what I see says otherwise. Also, it happens with every game, not a specific one.

I would share a video, or test a different browser right now, but I have work for a few more hours:/ I’ll try to keep you updated on what I find.


Just tested out Chrome - the lag is gone. One thing I don’t get though is that it wasn’t always like this on Opera, and only started about 2-4 weeks ago, and only just mentioned it now.

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I heard opera gx was super good, but it’s a lag station. It takes up so much more ram than any other browser. That I’ve noticed.

Not for sure why, but it slows my computer down having more than three tabs open, but works better on other browsers.

The only reason I still use opera is because fire fox won’t open roblox for some reason and safari has a virus because it takes me to a car dealership page every 30 seconds, lol.