Fullscreen not working?

Hello there!

I was going to start working on my game when I was testing it, and the fullscreen function would not expand the game screen. So, I tried redoing the code, maybe it was a small update that needed me to update the block. Did not help.

So, I went to another user’s game to see if it was an issue that is outside my game. I tested it on Greggo’s Minute Miner, and yes, the issue continued.

The issue makes you think it is going full screen, but only makes the rest of the screen black besides the game, without changing the actual size of the game screen. If anyone else has this issue, let me know.



I’m having this issue as well. I messaged Grazer and he said he is currently working on the games page. I’m not sure how long they will be acting up though.


This should be all sorted out, let me know if you see any more issues! Sorry for the inconvenience today :crying_cat_face:


Working all good now for me, thanks!