Fullscreen on Windows

I just exported my game to Windows. For some reason when I try to go the settings page I made to turn on fullscreen, the game says:

Null Object Reference
“Ok” Button

And then the game crashes when you press ok.
Please help me fix this!

Here is a screenshot:

- Austin

I’m not sure what could be wrong here. @grazer, do you know what could be happening here?

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@MetaNinja, There are no windows full-screen yet, But mac.

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You sure? In my own games, full-screen doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

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il tag grazer in, lol.

Sorry grazer.


If it isnt available yet that is OK but maybe @grazer could consider adding the feature?

Since yesterday the game in the browser (not the exported version) now freezes when I click on fullscreen no matter how I am doing it (e.g. keyboard click etc).
It was working at least in the browser yesterday and now it is broken and stops me from being able to interact with my game after it is clicked.
Please help!