future update request : can there be a game genre selection ?

i try to look for flowlab games like rpg games and adventure games and i cant really find any on here without searching super deep :[

This has been requested a few times, and I think it’s a pretty good idea. Any suggestions for what the genres/tags should be?

I’ve got a few:

  • RPG
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Horror
  • Multiplayer

@GalaxianGames yes , agreed and also some more examples like

  • racing / sports
  • fighting
  • fantasy
  • timed
  • shooter
  • top down
  • educational (i realize there is already a help section but a lot of people have their own helpful examples that i didnt see there)

when i first got to this site i searched for “fighting” in the search bar thinking i could find something i was looking for but it took me to random games with the word in the title instead of an actual game with fighting in it.

i love the site but i wish it was easier to find certain games @grazer

Yeah this would really widen the types of games seen.
( it would also be nice to see a completed filter )

Verified (Made by a dedicated flowlabber like Jr or SuperStar)

and maybe have the tags under the games @meburningslime

@probablydon yeah.
I think we could also have a ranking system:
Level One games are made by random people.
You go up one level for each of the following:
Your game has over 100 plays.
Your game has over 300 plays.
Your game has over 500 plays.
Your game has over 1000 plays.
Your game has over 3 likes.
Your game has over 5 likes.
Your game has over 10 likes.
You are a paid user (Because paid users spend more time and their games are better because of that)
You are a verified person, personally verified as a decent programmer by grazer or a mod.
You are a proffesional.
The game is collab.

@meburningslime idk about the ranking system but varified users would be tough , like a symbol next to their name like on twitter and not related to genres but a customizable user page would be cool like a background image for their page

@probablydon that’s a great idea, sounds like a newgrounds profile

@meburningslime a comments section for peoples games would be pretty interesting aswell but you know some people like to spam and troll and be negative " this game sucks " lol

@probablydon that’s why I am recommending a player verification system.

Yes!!! Grazer add this!!!