Galactian's Game Station 2 (Reviewing topic)

Isn’t that cool though? If its a problem I understand.

The messy part of the style is that it’s lazy. The switch blocks are just a random line, and the contrast of colors looks extremely ugly. There’s no real style, it’s only similar in the enemies and players.

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No, it’s a game breaking bug that lets you skip parts. Some parts also require it, and making people use bugs to progress is a terrible idea for gameplay.

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Whoa, I don’t remember that! Where in the game is this, if you don’t mind saying?

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I don’t remember the exact location, but some parts have 4 block high jumps and it seems like you are just pulling up on the wall, but it’s a bug.


Oh, that. Must be a wall climbing section. Those are in all my platformers though :cry:

These are very imformational and good reviews! Like it Galactian nice job!
Hope you keep making games, examples, and more reviews. (other flowlab members hope you guys are doing great too :smiley:)


Thanks! I appreciate the compliment on my reviews, I’ve done many of these throughout my time on here and wanted to near perfect the art!


May you please review this? Feel free to review the other games first if you want to review them in order. For your information, I have updated this game quite a lot recently but I have not really updated the previous two games or their anniversary editions. This game is essentially the original and hypothetical anniversary edition merged into one. Also, wall climbing, force jumping (regular and alternate movement controls overlapping), sword flying, etc. are not bugs and are intentional. The player characters not having movement animations is an artistic choice of John Shrekinson.

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General Gameplay: 6/15 It’s a basic platformer, and you can still fly, which is a terrible bug to merge into the gameplay.
Controls 1/3 Still way too many controls. Make it simple and add an inventory, please.
Replay-able: 1/2 All platformers have replay-ability, some more than others.
Unique: 3/5 It’s not too unique in gameplay, but the bit that is such as that ship is enough for me to give it a 3.
Overall: 11/25

Overall Fit : 3/5 I dislike the music, it doesn’t fit at all, it feels like I’m in a highschool movie at first… Besides the music, the normal sounds aren’t bad.
Well-used: 3/5 Most sounds fit. The music doesn’t.
Overall: 6/10

Style: 2/5 It’s better than the last game I reviewed, but many of your sprites are still really bad. Those lava bricks are just some scribbles and you tried to make grass texture by scribbling over it…
Fits game: 2/5 You can’t make it a choice to make no animations. The player just stares into your eyes and is designed to not be animated. It’s very messy and those coins are odd, plus you used some of flowlab’s sample sprites.
Overall Look: 2/15 UI is terrible, it’s like a random color generator, and most art is a bunch of scribbles. The only sprite I like is that stone floating with that purple laser, which looks just okay.
Effects: 0/5 As far as I saw, no effects.
Overall: 6/30

Uniqueness: 4/10 It’s like most of your other games: a platformer with a lot of controls. Some of the stuff is original, I’ll at least give it that…
Fits: 3/8 If you’re going to go crazy with new additions add an inventory, not a separate control.
Enjoyable and Fun: 4/7 The movement lets you fly, and it’s overall unfun because of some ideas.
Overall: 11/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 4/8 The balance is slightly below average.
No Bugs: 0/2 you. can. fly.
Overall: 4/10

Personal Rating: 3/10
It’s a Minecraft platformer with an overall extremely messy style. Not much of it is unique and the gameplay is unenjoyable.

Overall Rating: 3.8/10
An unoriginal minecraft platformer, if you want to improve with your games I’d recommend stop making only platformers and practice spending more time into your sprites. Search up google references.


Thanks for your time and the review! I’ll try to take everything into consideration (I am constantly improving my everything, it is my nature as a sigma male).


Whoa, I never thought about that!

I’m confused; what do you mean by this?

Gems*. Also, is it a problem if someone uses default sprites? I think cool things can be done with them, but if your entire game is just default sprites then its kinda artistically boring.

I think this might break the game… But idk…

I now plan on making it so Gamougg 3 is still about being trapped inside a video game, but it’s just a fantasy [maybe still blocky] not Minecraft game.

I try to stop making only platformers, but that is my specialty so naturally most of my games will be that way. Yes. Art improvement grind. Definitely doing that. As for searching up Google references, yeah, idk why I rarely do that. I do it all the time when I draw someone else’s character, but for my own stuff I’m used to summoning everything from my imagination (which is heavily influenced by my favorite games and stuff).


The menu is a mess… it’s just random colors and looks like someone just put random colors everywhere


I’m sorry; I’m still confused. Are you talking about this? I need to know exactly what it is so I can fix it.

Literally everything about that. Why do you have your health and ui?! Why is everything in ugly colors? I’d look at other games for examples.

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Ok, thank you. The health UI is there because of the fact that the player is spawned in level 1 by default because the object is set to Keep Between Levels, so I had to put the player in the main menu so that it will spawn correctly in the other game modes.

I thought they were cool… …I mostly wanted different colors to be more unique. You see, I’m a JoJo fan, my art is just like that.

ok, I’ll try that.

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Do you think you could give me a quick review for these games. Whenever you get the chance, not in a big hurry.

It’s about the only decent mobiles game I have. Malware is basically finished, but its pretty simple and probably not that great, but its good enough. I keep forgetting I made this game and want to see how other people enjoy it.

Ball Bounce was another simple one, but I did plan to eventually return to it after my brother gave me some pretty good ideas I could add to make it better.


hello hi can you review m,y game please?

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I totally forgot about this, and I’m going to be with my friends all night, I’ll try to do it tomorrow, @ me if you want (tomorrow)


Yeah it’s all good. I know people usually have stuff to do outside of the forums so it’s no rush.


General Gameplay: 8/15 It’s pretty empty, and the gameplay is very repetitive.
Controls 2/3 The slight delay in jumping is annoying, but the rest of the controls are well done.
Replay-able: 2/2 These infinite runner games always have a ton of replay-ability.
Unique: 3/5 Some of the effects were unique for the time, but it’s not much.
Overall: 15/25

Overall Fit : 3/5 Very basic sound design. The music doesn’t loop ingame, which is an issue. Most of the sounds are good, however.
Well-used: 4/5 A few sounds are a bit off / annoying, but besides that it’s good.
Overall: 7/10

Style: 4/5 It’s a mediocre style, but it’s well executed.
Fits game: 4/5 The style fits the idea of the game, it’s not too messy, either. The ui is very nice.
Overall Look: 10/15 A few sprites are too basic, such as the computers, and the ground could use some more texture. I like the skins, but the text is a bit hard to read.
Effects: 5/5 A ton of great effects. It could be better but for the time I’d have to give it a 5/5.
Overall: 23/30

Uniqueness: 3/10 It’s not too much of a creative game, it’s basically a retextured version of most infinite runners, since it only has spikes and blocks.
Fits: 6/8 The ideas fit together pretty well.
Enjoyable and Fun: 4/7 The line of deletion (red line thing) is a good idea and most of the ideas don’t cause the game to lose credibility.
Overall: 13/25

Difficulty & Balance
Feels balanced: 4/8 Sometimes you get unlucky and have to die…
No Bugs: 1/2 Besides the impossible parts that rarely happen, no bugs.
Overall: 5/10

Personal Rating: 6/10
It’s a good game, it’d be nice if it had more ideas and was less generic.

Overall Rating: 6.3/10
A good game, just needs more to it. It’s got simple ideas and is very repetitive.