GalacticoS feedback and questions.

Give feedback on GalacticoS here! any questions welcome.
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This game is absolutely amazing! I’d really enjoy reviewing this game! In it, you will receive, one, a review, two, a like for your game, and three, suggestions on how to make it even better! Just go to the discussion link below, and submit your game link there:

Thanks, and like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

Hey @soethan1 - I didn’t play through the entire game yet, but wow - this is super impressive! very nice work.

I loved the cutscene animations, and going from escaping to flying the pod, etc.

Really my only criticism is that in level one, the pillars that you can walk through look like they are solid objects - if they were darker or a less saturated color, it would be more obvious that they are part of the background.

Overall this is a really polished feeling game :slight_smile:

Thanks @grazer ! I’ve actually been working on this game as a school project for a few months now. Ive used up so many "free time"s… lol

I probably should saturate the pillars at level one like you said, I will soon.

and, fortunately, I have a friend (he’s in the credits) that ran through my game several times to make sure it was polished. I would’ve had to go over my game so many times if it weren’t for him…

Again, thanks for the review! they really empower me to continue pursuing my enjoyment for making visuals. This is actually my first attempt at a full, solid game! (not the first at flowlab, though)

Wow that’s impressive! I can really see the time and effort you’ve spent on this. Amazing job man, keep it up.

Thanks @latif !

I added this to the featured games list, so it should start showing up on the games page within a couple of hours. Also, I just looked at the id of this game (1064094) and realized that means over a million games have been created, Wow.

@grazer what exactly is the featured games list? Ive already noticed my game sits at the 7th page in flowlas game list (maybe 6th page by now). Is there something else I havent seen?

Featured just means that it will show at the top of the games list. Featured games get a little star under them, and show up first.

@grazer wait oh crap, I looked at the list on my own page and I saw the blue star o_O. Are you sure it goes up there in that list? I see so many other games in the list that deserve a similar spot, I dont know… Im sorry, Im just freaking out a little. Didnt think it would actually get a blue star. Thanks so much ._o

WHAT THE HECK USING THE S-WORD IN TIME RAN OUT!!! I do not like words like the s-word. (I am christian.)
Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 6.02.53 PM

(This is the s-word zoomed into it.)

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 6.06.54 PM

@retroman wdym “timed out”? please specify.
also, sorry for the swear, its there for a bit of humor, so i am sorry if you find it offensive

I am also wishing that you take out the s-word and replace it with something else,@soethan1 , like, and these are just words for humor, like you said, “fart”, or “turd”.

@cthornock @retroman yeah, I didnt really think those terms would be offensive to too many people but now Im realizing that, literally, little kids all over the world are playing this game. I will change the s-word soon. Thank you!

“s***” has been changed to “crap”!

The planet where you ride the jetpack across the asteroids and you try to avoid toxic gas is extremely laggy and completely impossible for me. Besides that, your game is amazing so far!

@TheTinySpacePanda I agree, that planet is definitely where the challenge begins. You might need a beefier PC if you wanna run through the whole game, since that part didnt lag at all for me but the final level did.

The game is good! It can definitely inspire people!