Game audio spolier!

Hello guysss!some people know that im making SING WORLD! so… here is some SOUND SPOLIERS! (only boy!!! but will have a girl sound too!!) [AH (BOY).m4a]
COPY ALL (file:///C:/Users/leninha/Documents/Grava%C3%A7%C3%B5es%20de%20som/AH%20(BOY).m4a)


If the sound dosent work, SAY FOR ME!! if dosent work i will do all again!!
So… thats it!!!

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Just make a video of playing the audio on youtube, bc im not comfortable of using this stuff

Hey @pimpoplays - that is a link to the local file on your computer, noone will be able to access it but you. You’ll have to upload it somewhere if you want to share it :+1:

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ohhh sorry… i didnt know!!