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everyone wants their game to be known so i made a alternate spot for you to share your game!! just post your URL to the game. And while your at it, try these games and

For a minute I thought you meant iOS Gamecenter or something.

ha! funny

if you like super smash bros you will like this game

controls are simple awd for player two and arrow keys for player one and f and space bar for speical move

Player 2 shoots across the map, so Player 1 is basically doomed to lose.

but player one and player two can place blocks at will P/G +O/R to turn invisable

and player one’s shots linger after they hit something, making it good for blocking

Ah, you should have a screen for controls.

sorry, not pro

and the invis thing was JUST added

i split the screen on the arena select one half for help


you forgot the h

my multiplayer game (wasdq,tfghu,/\<\/>/ are the controls) this one is currently work in progress
{arrow keys= move} (C+arrow keys= run) (space bar= attack)

Nice work guys, but is there a way to put the controls/moveset on the page? Dont wanna keep mashing all the keys on the keyboard to figure out how to play.