Game Comment Feature

I was thinking it would be really awesome for to add a comment system on game pages.
Sort of like, where you can turn on/off the comments in settings.
This feature would be really cool and I would love to see it.
Also, I have heard of some censoring tools online to inappropriate comments. I don’t know the censor tools names, but I know for sure that there are some already-built censor features that can be easily installed.
If you can add a comment section, that would be amazing!!!


So sort of like a game-feedback system?
Where people can rate it stars and such? I think that’s a good idea

So a similar idea was created years ago, but was removed due to trolls and poor usage of posting. This is the discussion… discussing that. Also, you can just heart the games to show that you liked it.
I think that it would be nice to add the comment section back, but if we do end up getting it back, we just have to hope that the community doesn’t mess it up again.

Couldn’t it only let people who have a certain amount of time on and certain badges like completed the advanced tutorial and things like that so it can filter out people who are good and bad?

Perhaps, but then very few people would use it anyways (I can’t do the advanced tutorial because @discobot doesn’t reply to my posts), and that was one of the old problems to the comment section: It was only used by trolls. So even if there were restrictions, that might make the original issue worse because there are still less people using them.

Then again, there are ways to add delay time between comments. That can be very effective to trolling, and also spamming.

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oh, ok. :smile: 20

We can detect people who have bad history with the censorship, which can signal the website to keep an eye and focus on the user.