Game completed. Apple Developer account bought. What now?

Hey guys, my game is complete I did just purchase today the apple developer account. What is next? is there anyway to export the game onto the iphone to test before uploading to appstore? if not what should i do next to upload to the appstore. thank you

You have to get on a Mac and compile it with Xcode, I believe. Then you can drag the finished app to your iTunes for your phone only, or to the AppStore for everyone to play. If your phone is jailbroken, you can email yourself the compiled app and install it through Cydia or a similar app installer program.

Thanks for replying! I do have a mac and I can get a hold of xcode. Any detailed tutorial on how the transfer is done from flowlab to xcode or would I literally have to create the game again in xcode

@grazer should be able to provide an exact tutorial, but if I recall, downloading the project provided a folder with everything you needed for xcode to convert the project.

hahaha if only it was that simple! after 6 hours of tinkering with xcode and searching online after adjusting the code for the full screen after ios 7, after deleted n64, after deleting the replica bundles I am at the last step which is that xcode because of ios 9 cannot get content from a non secure site “establish a secure connection” which in this case is flowlab site where you need to get the data from your game to run it on xcode. so in this case what should be done? no one knows the answer on the forums. why? maybe no one has gotten that far

Hey lwl712,

So using Xcode is kind of tricky for sure. I have another mobile exporter in place that is much simpler (The “Export Mobile App” button on the “My Games” page), but it is only enabled for Android at the moment.

I am testing the iOS exporter now, and I need to fix a couple more issues before I enable it. I will post here in a few days when I get it fixed up and re-enabled, and that will be a much simpler process.

@grazer Thank you so much! will be looking out for it

bump… any luck with the ios exporter

Hey - I’m working on it right now actually :slight_smile:

I’m updating the build server at the moment, so you might notice that all mobile builds (android and ios) are both offline while that is in progress.

@grazer Thank you so much! you Sir are awesome!! Im excited to see the exporter

I hate to sound like an A**hole but can you please tell me when the ios exporter will be completed? just been waiting since dec 16. Read all the previous forums some have been waiting since may

Hey, it will be ready this week some time - Christmas slowed down progress quite a bit.

@grazer I totally understand! Will be on the look out Thank you Grazer

lwl712, if you are available to test the new build system when I deploy it, that would be super helpful. I’m sure there will be kinks to work out, and it may take a couple of iterations to get it working smoothly. Send me an email at if you want me to contact you directly with instructions once I get it in place.

@grazer Absolutely count me in! Just sent you an email