Game cropping shows up incorrectly

So my game was working fine for a while. Then, today, as I was doing some test runs, I noticed the cropping was incorrect:

The correct crop should look like:

I tried the game on another computer and the cropping was correct on that computer, so I am a bit confused as to what is causing this problem. I did refresh a bunch of times, but the problem would not go away.

Here’s a link to the game:

Is it possible that your browser zoom is not set to 100%?

Is this a Chromebook?


I have had the same problem on a windows pc

Hi, thanks for the response!

I set it to 100%, but the problem was still there. I am using a Windows laptop, not a Chromebook. I think the problem only occurs for the creator because I opened up the game in an incognito tab and the game worked fine. Do you want me to send a bigger screenshot so it is easier to see the problem?

Actually, never mind, it is working again. I refreshed after I set my browser to 100% and the cropping returned to normal. Thank you so much!

I know you figured out what the issue was, but I have to say: the game looks absolutely polished! Really smooth and professional looking.

Is it out yet? I want to play it XD

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Haha, thank you! I’ll let you know once I think I am done! :slight_smile:

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