Game Design Secrets

Game Development is an art and skill that we learn as individuals and as a community to give the best experience we have and share them to others. The concepts of experience, engagement, and enjoyment are fundamentally important to both players and developers. Players want a fun experience that serves as a temporary distraction, transports them to a different world, or just helps them kill time in the grocery checkout line. To the game creator, the players enjoyment is tied directly to the success of the game.

The game below shows several different techniques I use when I make games on Flowlab.
I recommend everyone to at least give it a play and visually see what Flowlab can do. Hope yall enjoy! =)



That’s actually hilarious, you generally had me there!

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I also made an inspiring video for the creation process of this game.

Not to dig, but I think its about time I bring this up.


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I think this is the kind of solid guidance everyone looks to you for, @JR01 - thanks for sharing


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