game downloading

my game won’t stop downloading, i started the download yesterday at like 4

@grazer can u look at this

It still hasn’t finished @grazer

I think this happened before with someone and the was a problem with the previous downloading @grazer

@grazer IT STILL HASNT DOWNLOADED!???!!?!?!?? I was just about to put it on the amazon appstore :neutral:


I’ve had the same problem so frustrating!!!

@grazer may u please please please help me out with this

This is fixed - the builds were stuck, but I reset it and they should be building quickly again.

@grazer thank you so so so much, I was getting scared that it was broken. I just have a quick question, if u just download a game and don’t re-export it will u still get the latest version

You have to rebuild any time you make a change to the game in order to get the updates.