game for a iphone x screen

Hi. I can not coding and I would like to testing if I could create a game for iphone. The question is if I can make game for an iphine x?

Theres many things youll need to know- IPhone X has a very strange screen layout, and I dont know how it would handle this…

Youd also need to purchase a developer license from Apple which is 100 a year, so your phone would even accept it.

Id recommend development of android first. Android allows you to put apps on your phone without need of a special account. And the google play store only costs an one time payment of 10 dollars

I’d normally say jailbreak your iPhone to boot your own apps for free, but I know absolutely nothing about iPhone X, and I would never suggest hacking a $1,000 phone, because if you mess up, it will never turn on again.

Also, I don’t know if you can just drag your app into iTunes and it installs, or if that stopped after iPhone 3.

The resolution is 2436 x 1125, which is really weird, not sure how they jammed twice as many pixels across than they did going vertical, unless they measured in landscape mode.

That’s around 76 x 35 blocks, which flowlab doesn’t go that high, so even if you do 1/3, that’s 25 x 12 blocks, so that’s my estimate. An iPhone X game would be 25 blocks by 12 blocks.

Now if you were just asking how to make a touch screen game, that’s a whole different topic. If you just wanted to know what size you should make the game, that’s my guess.