Game freezes when naming global

When creating a global, if I select the Title for it, but drag the cursor off of the UI the game freezes. (This has happened to me twice)


Yea, this has happened to me too, I’m guessing it’s because the global editing thing isn’t coded to react to that movement.


How do you fix it, it’s kinda annoying/

Does this happen every time? I’m not able to reproduce it.

If it happens again, could you screenshot the console (press f12 on chrome and go to the console tab. Screenshot the red areas thats usually at the bottom scrolling down the text).


@CodeAlpaca @Galactian @TheJeffDude - Can you give me a bit more details on how to make this happen? Maybe a video with Loom or something? I can’t make it happen, but I may not be doing the right thing.


I’m trying to reproduce it but it’s not going. I can’t remember exactly what I did. From what I remember I created a new global, then I highlighted the basic name (“Global Value 1”), but I dragged the mouse off of the UI (The black box where you edit the behavior). I then clicked “Backspace” to delete the highlighted text but nothing happened. I tried changing the value it could input, moving the behavior, pressing Esc, trying to leave the logic menu, but none of it worked so I had to reload the page.

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This happens to me a lot on mobile—you click and drag to highlight the global name and then release the mouse when it’s over another behavior block, and Flowlab freezes.


@grazer I found out how to reproduce this. When dragging your mouse to select the text in a new global, if you let go of the mouse on the global you were editing, it crashes.

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f12 just increases my brightness (I’m on Windows 11)

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