Game ideas please :)

my brain empty idk what to do and i want a unique game idea

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Developer’s Block.

Just look at the Tag list, XD. It contains most of the game types.

those are not unique in my opinion.

The 5 elements :slight_smile:



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Maybe look at the earlier Flowjam themes.

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how do I access those?

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I have no idea. Maybe look at the earlier Flowjam entries.

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  • Any kind of asynchronous/synchronous game (Look up Frozen Synapse, one of the few that used this mechanic. Basically each player makes their moves separately, and then you press play and both moves are executed at once to see the result)
  • A dungeon game where you are a group of monsters having to hide from marauding heroes.
  • A game where you have to talk to an alien and figure out what it’s saying while trying not to offend it.
  • A game where you have to try to stay on the back of a bucking horse as it rides through a landscape.
  • A game about 19th century women trying to ride different kinds of bicycles with women’s clothing of that time
  • A game about Easter Island where you have to cut down trees to roll the moai into place so the gods will be happy, but you have to balance that out with the fact that birds need trees to nest in and you need the birds to get food
  • A game about a shrimp in space dodging black holes
  • A game where one player is a tyrannosaur and the other is a triceratops and they have to fight with what they’ve got and not get pushed off balance

In general, when stuck, go read some random informative article or watch a documentary. Or just start with a random ridiculous idea and mess with it, see if you can make interesting mistakes in your code and then make that the game mechanic.

I’m currently working on a game with my kid called Bulletless, which is about someone who got dropped into a dungeon with a gun but then ran out of bullets and can only throw the gun at monsters to temporarily stun them, and always has to go pick it up before being able to throw it again. This idea developed because I got lazy so I didn’t bother making a bullet object for the emitter and then just grabbed the first available object and made THAT the bullet, and that happened to be the gun. And it turned out to be much more fun than the original idea.


Welcome back, @Spongefile! Nice ideas, by the way.

@ItzBlob, this user’s full of good ideas.


so MANY IDEAS!!! thanks a lot @Spongefile


Thanks for the welcome back! :slight_smile: I usually have far more ideas than I have time to execute :sweat_smile:

Another idea I had recently is to use Flowlab to make, you know, an APP for iOS. Like a workout app or todo list, etc. Just to see if I can.


Well, I need to leave now.

I am not sure that I do.

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Ah sorry, having issues with my connection today, looks like it only sent part of a post


:shrimp: :black_circle: :interrobang:
I find this idea funny

Ok, my internet keeps shutting down. It’s very annoying.

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I was picturing it as each black hole having a gravitational field that ■■■■■ the shrimp faster in as it gets closer to it, and ofc if you cross the event horizon you get spaghettification of the shrimp :smiley:

And then the shrimp itself, it moves in these jerky kicking movements, and since it’s in space, it would maintain its momentum in whatever direction it’s moving in. And maybe it would spin. I dunno. This is exactly what one would have to test in terms of what mechanic is the most fun.

EDIT: the blanked out word is s u c k s, and in this case it’s appropriate :wink:

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XD. I am not a fan of Flowlab’s banned word system, but I see the purpose.

Nice idea though!


yeah its kind of annoying blurring things like c r a p

(Yeah, I’d rather have it be overzealous and keep this forum nice and appropriate for little kids as well than not have it)