game ideas please!

im out of game ideas that are not just ripoffs of other games so please help

Well if you like challenges

Uhh… I got dancing to rocks with a printer

Thats Starblast 4 guys!


Asking for ideas? That’s boring. If someone else tells you what to make, you might not have enough motivation to finish the game.

Game creating is not like “okay now I’m going to create a game”. You need an idea first, a concept. Maybe it can take several days, weeks or even months to get one. That’s why I rarely make games, it’s all about the quality of your game, not the quantity of games you have.

Not exactly, if we are just starting

the more games you have, the more you know how to do them


@“bopbop” please do not comment on discussions that have been dormant for months. It pushes away recent discussions that may promote a game or ask for help.