Game i'm making tell me if theres any bugs

Great start! I like the teleport idea.

Turning into the brown thing at the start is a bad idea as you can’t jump as high, right and progress, right?

Celtic music as well, interesting choice!

The music in the title screen plays through the whole game. You must have “loop” turned on. That’s a new bug that bothers the crap out of me. The coconut item destroys the jump boost flag, but you can still make the jump, muddy. Also, you turn human again after like 20 seconds. One thing I wanted to point out, is that after the rocks, you can jump off the last giant rock, and get on top of the level barrier roof.

its not a coconut. lol. and I remove the top platform.

Interesting, to say the least…

Very addicting! Is this your first game?

The logic is really wild, but it was pretty fun figuring out the rules and things like turning yourself into the other guy lets you destroy some characters, etc. And I love the hand-drawn look. I like to do stuff like that, too! :slight_smile: