Game image

So ive made a game using flowlab and I’m making it into an app. I have been testing on my kindle fire but ive noticed the image that shows up on the homescreen is off center and not full size like other images. What size is the image supposed to be?

I dont know that one

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by the “image that shows up on the homescreen”.

As in the icon of the app on the home screen

So the app icon is off center and not full size? A screenshot would help (power button and volume down at the same time on most Android devices I think), but it sounds like maybe the uploaded image itself wasn’t square?



so the one with the B is my game and as u can see its smaller than a normal game. I made the icon with google drawing and it took up the whole thing. Is there a better program I could use to make the image and fix this problem

If you run windows, is a good way to set how many pixels run x and Y
Allowing you to set the EXACT size of the image…

okay thanks!

Yeah, that icon is a rectangle - if you make it square that should fix it :slight_smile:

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