Game Levels HUD update Idea

So i had this idea since @grazer updated the Library.

Its a grid-organized “Game levels” with level preview and etc…
(you could changue the background color in edit and the level order by dragging the tile or in edit too)


Looks cool, not sure how it would work. Maybe you could set a custom image too. I’m making a metroid style game. The whole volcano area will probably look like 30 of the same tile.

yeah that would be nice too…
in edit we could changue the tile image

:+1: agreed


I like the idea of a grid for levels, and I like the way this mockup looks, but there are a couple of questions/issues I have:

  1. I like the screenshots idea, but I’m not sure how people would add them per level - would this be automatic? how would that work?

  2. This design adds two more clicks to get to the bg color select. I’m not a fan of this, because it’s already not obvious to a lot of people how to change the level bg color - this would make it harder to find.

I do agree that the current level window needs some improvement, and I’m happy to get suggestions, so thanks :slight_smile:

Mock the screenshot button used for thumbnails. Have right clicking a level bring up thumbnail or upload options.

maybe The space where the “level name” is could be “shared” with the bg color.
And only the “advanced” options would be on “Edit” menu.