Game locked in old test flowlab mode?

Here’s an amusing thing I found @grazer
A few years ago, you let me test a special version of flowlab?v=2 (Which is now ?v=1)
Apparently this version still exists and my game was locked in it, but I could force it to ?v=2 again to the current version of flowlab. The neat thing about old flowlab was the brush tool. Here’s your chance to see a bit of old flowlab for you new users. If you try to ?v=1 any current game, it will obviously brick, because new flowlab is much different. Old flowlab can still load in ?v=2 as long as you don’t change anything. I did this just to download the sprites from my older games.


Oh yeah, I remember that thing. It was really helpful

Honestly, Id like to see this in the current version, but not before alpha for pixels are added. (I also dont want to have to go to ?v=1 every time)

Color picker was also better :stuck_out_tongue: