Game of Thrones

Try this “Game of Thrones” game…

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This… This is… This is awesome! I played for 2 minutes and I’m already pretty much in love with it!
I love the boat mechanics! Out of all the years I’ve been using Flowlab, that is something I’ve never seen.
The only thing I would change is make your character actually turn when walking.
Overall 9/10 bro nice job!

Just @ me when you respond

@AddoPlayz Thanks man, I’m working on the character movement animation and also possibly additional levels.

I love this! As a personal GOT watcher, this is great. Keep it up! But uh, the ship did come off-screen and I wasn’t able to get it back, you might want to look at that. But otherwise, it’s great!

@browngr sounds like you got lost at sea… I did consider this but decided against it.

Play the updated Game of Thrones game… check out the different death animations as each character has they’re own. Also let me know if you have any issues with the docks and the buttons not working.

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Yeah, I was playing it and I really love the way the game is designs and the art style looks super cool. Although for some reason the boat seems a little glitchy cause for some reason some of the buttons don’t necessarily work. The right and left arrow keys work great, but the forward button doesn’t work most of the time and I’m not sure if the boat is supposed to have a consistent speed and only stops if you let go of the up button. When I do somehow use the up button, the boat will move a few blocks and just stop, then the screen occasionally go all black so I have no idea what’s going on. Sorry I noticed so many bugs already, but they probably don’t effect anyone, cause I have such a poor device some of the coding could have not loaded for me or something. I figured that I would let you know to see if it is a bug or not.

Also other than that, I really love the game.

Thanks @ManiacPumpkin.

I need to update the controls, for the ship… LEFT and RIGHT steer and A button goes forward. I designed it to slow down when you release the A button so it doesn’t just go on for ever.

Did you have any issues coming on and off the dock? I’ve noticed that sometimes the player movement behaviors won’t return. Not sure why.

Well, I haven’t actually tried, so I can’t really say for sure. I didn’t travel much in game cause the ship controls weren’t working too well so I’ll have to try that.

It’s been a long time, but while I re-watch the series I decided to update my game. Tell me what you think…


  1. Screen size changed to 12x18 with a full screen option
  2. HUD animations modified
  3. Menu transition added and music changed
  4. Glitching when using docks has been corrected
  5. In game features have been added to improve the overall look

Additionally, each king has their own death cutscene, if you’re a fan of the show you should check them all out. Also, I’m planning to create a bonus level if you beat the game with all 5 kings.


Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, my man!

I have to delete this from my browser history because my parents may get the wrong idea if they see ‘Game of Thrones’ anywhere.

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You should make a map of the castles. It’s confusing to navigate :frowning:

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Sorry to hear that… sucks to be young.


this game is epic and fun, however I suggest a larger screen size because there is still a lot of space.

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I attempted to make a map in the bottom left of the screen that would trail much like RDR, but couldn’t get it to work properly. Maybe a simple button that brings up a complete map of the game with all the castles listed. Thanks for the idea, any more?


Thanks, however changing the screen size again requires a lot of object size adjustments which means updating animations (around 100 of them) and that sounds like too much work.

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Oh, I see. Understandable, have a great day.

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