Game plan/challenge (Help needed)

So, I want to make a game called dying destiny. I need some ideas and peeps to help me because its going to be a long project and it will have a lot of updates. So here are the things that are already listed: About: your world is getting attacked by devils from hell and they kidnapped you and another player (or just you if you are playing single player) And you need to defeat the red devil to basically destroy hell and all of the other devils. (The story is way more intense) Modes for main game: There are 4 main game modes. Single player: If you are playing on your own. Online: puts you together with a random player. Friendly: You can type in other peoples user names and then play with them. Two Player: two people playing on one keyboard, for player1: arrow keys to move and enter to pick up objects Player 2: WASD to move and space to pick up objects. Minigames: no ideas yet. Controls: WASD to move and space to pick up objects. Game play: once you start the game, you will be able to customize your skin with not that many options (you get more body parts to customize your character with as you earn achievments) and make a username. (people are allowed to use the same username) then, it takes you to the menu witch you can also customize and have more options as you earn achievments. The game will also be a top down and you can not see through walls, Characters: Red devil: will capture you and restart the level like any other devil. Orange devil: is the same as red devil exept he is slower. Yellow devil: The same as orange but slower. Devil: just normal really slow devils. NoKill: cant kill you, but if she spots you she will go to the red devil and report you. Leveling up: if you are on level 1, your flashlight cant reach very far distances and your own sight in dark is even worse. (if you are playing in a dark level, Each player starts out with a flashlight with 2 minutes of battery life.) And the devils have a 60/100 chance to find you in hiding spots. (if you are on level 1. on level 10 they have a 30/100 chance of finding you in hiding spots.) Your max level is going to be 10 (it should be hard to gain xp and level up) This game is going to be a challenge to make. If anybody wants to help with coding, game design or music it would be a big help

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If it turns out good, I maybe could put it on mobile. Edit: btw @Baconcat008 , could you make the music for this game?

If Baconcat can’t do it, I would be glad to make music for you

Ok, thats a good idea

Two people are better than one

And for a minigame, how about something where little fireballs fall from the sky, and you have to dodge them

k, how about the fireballs come from side cannons since its a top down

Yeah, that would probably work better

what would be the name for it?

how about flare dash? Just a suggestion, haven’t said it out loud so it probably sounds stupid

That would work 202020

This game is actually school related lol

Ok, so then about music do you know what kind this game would need?

Ok, lol. Sounds pretty large scale. I assume you have an EDU account then?

The menu would need slow, piano kind of music

Okay! Can do. I’ll get to it.

No, i dont have an EDU. Im currently on indie

Oh, I see. I knew that a free account couldn’t do multiplayer, so I assumed that if it was school related it was an education account.

Its related to something i do at school

Ok, that makes sense