Game runs fine in browser, crashes after 1 second when I export to Windows or Mac

Hi, first day using FlowLab here. I completed a tutorial I found on youtube and the game works fine in the browser but when I export to Windows or Mac it crashes after about 1/2 a second. My game is so simple, that I’m sure it’s something wrong with either my code or my computer.

Can somebody look at my code and tell me what is going on?

Hi, @browngr here. First of all, welcome to Flowlab! I’m a long term user here, it’s great to see a new member of the crew.
Now, on the bug, I use Flowlab on Mac, but I didn’t experience any trouble playing the game. Is there it with your student accounts? I saw you were using Education Edition, so it might be a bug in that state.

Edit: If you want to report a possible bug, make sure to include @grazer in the post, but don’t spam it, he’ll get to it when he can. [He’s the Admin of Flowlab]

@browngr In the thread titled “New Update” @Battery mentioned that he was having the same problem so I wonder if it was a bug introduced in the last update. Perhaps if you have a minute, could you build a new executable and see if you also have the issue. Thanks.

Hello @MrVargas - This has been reported a few times today, both in the forums and in the ticketing system. I’m currently still investigating the issue, and will post an update here when it’s resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience.

@grazer Similar thing happened to me. @MrVargas welcome, another long term user here. I exported my game which played fine but certain bugs occoured that ruined the game experience.

To be breif you cannot even pass level 2 because the gate of the gate and key codes is meant to destroy after receiving a message but only a handful are destroyed. Why is the export versions of the game filled with bugs?

@MrVargas - The export issue should be resolved now, but the fix will require a re-export of your game before testing again.

@“The Kodex” - The issue you’re describing sounds unrelated to the crash that was just resolved. The exported native apps should behave the same as the browser version. Maybe make a new thread and link your game, and I’ll check it out.

@grazer Here it is:
My flow jam entery. It is different and bares more bugs when exported and is virtually perfect on browser. Can this be fixed?

Hey @“The Kodex” - I’m sure it can be fixed, but I need some more detailed description of the issue. Is it possible to use Loom or something to get a screencapture of the problem(s) you’re talking about?

Unfortunately @grazer I am doing this on my phone, and I would need to show the exported version on a laptop. Here is a more… Detailed explanation of this:

@grazer It’s fixed! Thanks for the quick response! I am loving flowlab so far. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

@grazer thanks the games run great now without crashes :smiley:
but now that the games are running I have noticed two other problems when playing downloaded games.
Fullscreen doest work it just becomes like fullscreen/hides the window but without increasing the actual game screen size.
turning off/hiding the cursor with the cursor block only works when games are played in the browser.