Game runs horrible on mobile, how to optimize?

My game lags to death on android.
I tried running it on my phone and it was running at a horrible frame rate, I could barely play. However when I run it on the website it runs smooth.

Does anyone out there know how to make a game run better on mobile?

A pc is often faster than a mobile, your mobile just has trouble with running the game smoothly.

I think it’s the physics engine which lags a lot, you can’t really do a lot about it. Only using less moving objects but that might ruin your game.

I’ll just wait for grazer to comment (admin).

That explains why my game is a total lagfest for some devices

Alright, cool I’ll wait for grazer.
Oh and thanks for helping to explain the problem!

I really need assistance with this, it’s been 5 days

As far as I know, one of the more recent updates turned the PC exporter into a lagfest as well, it runs at 2fps on my gaming laptop. It might just be flowlab, grazer said he had an idea for optimizing the speed, and even removed the off screen object disable speed boost, but now music causes the games to lag horribly when exported. I don’t use the mobile exporter, but it may be suffering the same bug the windows exporter now has.

@grazer Are you still alive?

Alright, good to hear that it is a problem that other people may be experiencing.
Also, grazer seems to have not commented since the 30th of July.

That’s only a few days. July 30th? He usually disappears for a week or two when he has to go on a business trip or something.

Oh, I didn’t know about that, well here’s hoping that it’s a shorter business trip.
Thanks for the info!

Hey, I’m still alive - I’ve been heads down focused on a new feature I’m trying to get ready for release, so I’ve been kind of ignoring the forum a bit, sorry :frowning:

Anyway, post a link to the game and I’ll check it out on mobile. The issue could be something really simple, or possibly a bug I need to fix.

Yo, you guys were right about your huge update rumors. Good to see you again, grazer. It always gets hectic when you leave.

EDIT: I PM’d it to you @grazer

@grazer Have you managed to find the issue?

He is staying offline until he finishes this big update. The update might include some bug fixes.

I have made some good progress on a much faster mobile/desktop renderer, but it’s not ready for release yet.

Alright, thank you for update!

Hey, I’ve been gone for a while and I wanted to know if the problem had been fixed yet. I’m saying this because I heard that it was more of a problem with exporting.