Game stopping.

I don’t know if it’s just us that’s facing this issue, but recently, we’ve been having an issue where the game would stop as we’re playing it. What happens is that we have a character in the game that is meant to chase another character (not the player mind you) and “capture” it as you’re moving along in the game, but instead, the character would be captured and the game would freeze. The browser is completely fine. It’s just the game that’d freeze. The characters wouldn’t move, the player wouldn’t respond to the keyboard controls. Nothing would move. Any tips or solutions?

Not sure if this is the game you mean (and I’m not qualified to help), but the founding father character is cool.

Yup that’s the one. And thanks :slight_smile:

I had that bug too. @grazer?

I don’t understand the issue. I just played that game through the war of 1812, and it never stopped, crashed, or hung. What part of the game is stopping for you, and does it happen every time?

I played through war of 1812, and it occurred when there were like, 30 bullets in 1 place. Try setting a duration on the emitter for the bullets.

It was happening in the Jefferson level (level 3). Originally we had it to where the British sailor would capture the American sailor and it would freeze, but since we didn’t know what to do, we just decided to put a bridge there and let the British sailor just not go over the bridge. And thank you for your advice, we will try to fix the bullet issue soon.