Game super laggy after round 5 please help me

title explains it all, keep laying and get to round 5 and it will lag super hard.

oh we rlly gonna ask others???

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I played until after level 5 and didn’t see any lag, but I noticed lots of zombies spawned so thats probably the reason. I would just make it so zombies can’t spawn until a certain amount are killed so that it doesn’t lag like that because of how many zombies there are.

but more zombies spawn each round and if there arent enough zombies, then a less chance it is to actually lose the game.

I just went back and checked the code of the zombie and found out you have like 5 “Always” blocks! You also have lot’s of proximity’s checking the players position always.

but each proximity block has different tasks.

Do all the proximity blocks just find the players position and move to it? What else do they do?

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for certain ones, if the cpu were to go down, another cpu will go to the cpu to revive them, its very complex.

Did you try looking at the performance metrics? It should give you an idea of where the lag is coming from, hopefully. Post a screenshot here if you need help understanding it.


okay, thank you grazer

@grazer the proximities are causing the problem, but my game wont function properly without them, do you know what i should do?

Aren’t you playing on your chromebook, maybe it’s just not powerful enough for the game?

its not laggy anymore.

Very nOiCe :upside_down_face:

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Often you can just check less often (using a Timer instead of Always to trigger), or disable the Proximity check once it locates its target.