Game turned crazy. My character turned into a red (FF0000) square?! My game (Explorer 1: Wrong Door) have some issues with positions. First, when you use “Next Level” behavior, player spawns in wrong place, whatever this might be because of checkpoint system but the behavior “position” works wrong. If you want to test position behavior, just go level named “boss fight”. @grazer Is it my fault or are there some kind of bug?

EDIT: @Grazer all of my behaviors… 1-Fight Boss or 1- Fight Ghost, i dont remember but its all behaviors are gone… Can you take it back? @grazer
EDIT 2: @grazer Now my character turned into a red square (FF0000) and its animations turned into green square (00FF00). And all these EDIT 2’s problems started after I pasted my copy of my “Fast or slow” named bundle’s behaviors. First, it gave a error “Invalid Behavior Data” then it really pasted it, and this happened:Ads?z
The code i pasted:
I think FF0000 and 00FF00 are special numbers, why?
Because their RGB numbers are special. Look at this, both includes 255, the most glitchy number in game history. The biggest number 8-bit digits can show us. So this might be a (my main language isnt english so this word might be wrong—>) underflow. C’mon @grazer i gave you a ton of hint. Fix that!

One more: In animations, you shouldnt be able to change the size of animation. Whatever if you upload a big sized sprite, all other sprites of that object gets corrupted. Also this happens if you upload big sprite at main screen and go animmations, you see animations corrupted again. For more description, Corrupted = Green, 00FF00. I remember this happened to @Luminous700 too.

Pls fix these :angry:

Give him some time…

Anyway, so the reason is I believe, is that the engine isn’t fully communicating to the server, so when an object deletes, the server doesn’t know, and reinserts it back into the game afterward. However the reason it comes up red is because the server thinks there’s still an object, so it expects a sprite to be assigned to it.

This also happened to me when I changed a certain enemy’s name. The server didn’t recognize the name change so when I come back to it there’s a new object with the new name- no behaviors. And the old object with the red sprite- and the behaviors were still there but didn’t show.

Hey @olcayolcayolcay2 - I’ll take a look at this and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

You are correct that the colors are significant. All red (FF0000) is the color used when a sprite cannot be found on the server for an object. All green (00FF00) is the color used when a sprite animation frame cannot be found.

Thanks @Grazer and @Jngthree

And my game was about to finish ;’/

@grazer Did you figured it out? :frowning:


@grazer when will you reply? i dont want to see red and green boxes anymore.

Same problem

Wait what? Was this 2 year old bug never fixed? Nobody ever replied back to this guy, and now someone says they have this critical game corrupting bug 2 years later. @“The kodex”, do you have screenshots or a link to the game?

You get a red square if the sprite doesn’t load for some reason (after multiple retries) - this is due to a networking problem. Reloading the game should fix it.

No, fixed it but still a bad problem that needs to be addressed. Happened to me or no reason

ive experienced the same bug too. if you see it, dont mess with the code the game, or anything. it can seriously ruin stuff if you try to repair the code while its scrambled…

A simple fix is to just reload your page.

Sorry again, but assets are turning red… For no reason!