Game Vanished!

Hey guys, I just made my first game in Flowlab. It was really, fun and easy to learn. I went to play the game, edited the description an then went to click on ‘My Games’ to see if it was there but… All that was there was a super early build of the game but my new description still in place! I did tonnes of work and it took me ages. What happened here?

Did you forget to save or something? I’m assuming you were logged in, if you weren’t, a beep beep beep noise would keep bothering you. If you don’t hit the play button, it doesn’t save your progress. Another possibility is that you lost internet connection at some point. Every so often, I won’t notice I lost Wi-Fi, and everything I made while I was disconnected doesn’t get saved, even if the internet reconnects.

Just a few possibilities.

Hey thanks for the fast reply! It’s sort of fixed itself. I had to edit my game and then the full game was there but outside the game’s draw distance for some odd reason.

At least you didn’t lose anything. Good to hear.