Game Vote (FINISHED)

I am making a game with a similar story of SCP containment breach (NOT AN SCP GAME, JUST A FACILITY ESCAPE GAME) and @meburningslime keeps suggesting that I use original SCPs from the SCP Foundation. So I figured that I would host a vote on wether I should use original SCPs along with new characters or should I just use all new characters created by me and some members of flowlab.

1 SCPs (SCP foundation) and new characters
2 Just new characters

Choose one of the two numbers, unless someone suggests a third or maybe fourth option that actually relates to this topic and could possibly be added. I wanted to go with the 2nd option, but then when @meburningslime suggested the 1st idea, I just. couldnt make up my mind so I have to make a vote. Place in your answers by Tomorrow night (2 days) and ill tally up the votes and choose the future for The Facility.

i think that both are great ideas :slight_smile: though id go for number 1 coz it never hurt to be original :slight_smile:
if u want to tho u can go for the 2nd lol

I don’t think I have to say XD

Yeah, I figured that you would have voted for the 1st one.

Well, 13 hours left.

I would personally choose 2, since this would allow tons of creative freedom. However, I know the SCP isn’t currently under much copyright, so using the sites characters wouldn’t hurt.

I’ll put my vote in for 2.

I vote 2

Well so far its a tie. @Ramshacklegamestudios @TinkerSmith @Gamer20 @browngr @Mariofan2840 @R0CK @FlaminTurtle12 @pixelknife3 @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev Anyone that I know please help break this tie. This vote can change the future of my game. If you have more important things todo then thats fine, but just drop down a comment with your vote. If you have no idea what even of this is, then just skip this discussion


Theres an hour and a half left to vote. Hurry everyone!

suspense rises

@Ramshacklegamestudios try to contact anyone that is currently online or will be in the next hour and a half. Any votes past 12:00 AM will not count. So far the winner is currently number 2.

tbh I have no idea who is online lol

@grazer vote plz




I hate to say this @Gamer20 but your count doesn’t vote. You were a little too late. Looks like the winner is numeral 2. That means that I will make my own characters in my own game. Thank you evereyone for participating in this vote. It sure helped me alot.

Yes we won the number 2 vote

What do you mean WE You dont have any part or helped with my game (Mainly doing it solo) but that can change if you helped created a very detailed character or item for the game. So could you dont take credit for my game.