Game Voting - V.2

I decided to make another game, but I need your opinion!

Game 1: Mox Vox | Mox Vox is a clicker game based on… cookies. Yep, cookies. If you click the cookie, you gain more SUGAR. you can increase your SUGAR per second (SPS) and SUGAR per click (SPC) in the shop for SUGAR. SUGAR is equal to money. You can also gain CINNAMON, which can only be acquired threw spending SUGAR. every 100 SUGAR spent, 1 CINNAMON is granted. CINNAMON can also be used in shops and as currency.

Game 2: Your Friend | Your Friend is a horror game based on the hit game, FNAF. Most mechanics are like FNAF, but with the exception of 1 animatronic rather than 4.

Game 3: Undertale | Undertale is based on the popular RPG game, Undertale. It’s almost a full game of Undertale, but with a few exceptions. Same mechanics, though I would have to wait a while to make it, since the game has multiple levels (more than 5), so I will make a DEMO first.

Leave your vote in the comments (like 1 for Mox Vox, 2 for Your Friend, etc.)! Also, if you have any questions about the games, leave it in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can! c:

Are we voting for the game idea, or which game we like better?


I guess then Max Vox!

@“The Kodex” @RageDayz @rcreger @YouMakeEm

Remember, say the number! C:

Game 1