Game won't load

I was working on my Flowjam game and was trying to play test it but it wouldn’t load. I have tried playing it and entering the editor but it won’t work. I am still able to play other games on Flowlab but the loading bar stops right before the finish only on this game.

I have already contacted @grazer, but if anyone else has an idea that would be great because I only have 4 days 6 hours 56 minutes, and 3 seconds to work on it

Panicking Alpaca

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Ok now I am very worried because it won’t load on my phone either, please help @grazer. I’m not sure if I accidentally created some infinite feedback loop and now it won’t load

I responded to the ticket you filed (and the DM) too, but it’s probably easier to discuss in here. Here’s what I said:

It looks like the object “Leaderboard Display” is failing to load due to a missing bundle. Do you remember the last behavior update you made to that object? I’m trying to figure out how it could have gotten into this state.


The last change I made was in from a List Each behavior into the “+” input on a Text behavior

You didn’t add/remove any bundles, or copy/paste any bundles in that object recently?

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As far as I remember I don’t remember pasting/deleting any bundles. I know that object should have 4-5 bundles. If you were able to delete the last thing pasted into there would that fix it?

The last bundle I made I think is the Display bundle, and the last bundle I pasted in was JR_01s “Your Rank” bundle

Is this the first time reloading the game since pasting in that bundle?

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Also, please don’t make any changes to the game right now, I’m tweaking the data at the moment.

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I reloaded the game about 6-8 times

Ok, it’s loading again, but the Leaderboard Display object’s logic is still messed up. Can you take a look and see if that’s the only problem?

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There’s no logic in the Leaderboard Display object, is it meant to be like that?

Is it ok if I edit the game now or do you still need to do stuff? Also thank you for responding so fast to my frantic messages, sorry for messaging in 3 different places

Ok, I got the Leaderboard Display object’s logic loading, but I had to insert a “Dummy” bundle to take the place of the mysterious disappearing one. I’m done now, so feel free to carry on.

Sorry about the inconvenience.