Games Voting [CLOSED]

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I choose Castle Arcade!

Castle Arcade sounds dope - if you make retro graphics, I’m down!

Castle Arcade.

I’m going to be that guy here and say Gravity Breaker I’d like to see how you put it together

wait…you already have 3 votes

This vote went by faster than the vote that I held. XD

You know what, let’s make it 5 votes to win.

Also, why not dandelion field?

Honestly, I’m not that good of a builder on Flowlab.

Castle arcade with 8 bit graphics would be lit

Rose Buds was different, but I feel like it needed more content.

That’s why I went for the retro Castle Arcade, because there hasn’t been too many games that fit into the genre of “retro” on here:)

Honestly Rose Buds reminds me of my game, A Boy in Armor. I didn’t have any fight mechanics, battles, or anything. Just a story:)

Castle Arcade

I’ll build it on my spare time. It will be a while before I open it up. Also, I’m hoping to add Multiplayer to it.

Good luck @LippyDippy !!