Gamougg the game that shouldn’t exist

ive been here for quite some time, was sometimes busy and often had to take some breaks from flowlab for a few months or so.

What does this have to do with Gamougg?
Well, you know, since the beginning i‘ve seen gamougg games on the site, memes about it, comments about it, it‘s just ubiquitous on flowlab.
But i always just looked at the screenshots and was like: nah (no offense)

Yesterday, after Huckleberry, reviewed another Gamougg game, it was time. Time to unleash my inner gamouggian.

Gamougg is one of the best games ive played on here (it was Gamougg 1+3)

Yes. I know what you’re thinking:

  • its not one of the best
  • look at the artstyle
    -look at the bugs

Let me tell you this:
Gamougg really reminded me of the „Dont hug me im scared puppets web series. In the first episode, the notepad teaches the puppets to be creative snd do what they want but not to use the color green because it was allegedly not a „creative color“.
Gamougg is just so creative, so chaotic yet so cool.
And just like the green color the art style and animations may be not what you’re taught in art uni , no fancy lightening, butit‘s unique and perfect in its own way.
And you know what else you can feel? Passion. That‘s what many games these days lack of (especially tripple a titles, releasing a new clone of the same game every year)

It was fun shooting weird bullets , destroyable environment (!) , changing costumes and i cant even Name everything it‘s just such an oddly good game.

So yeah, that‘s it, be creative everyone.
But don‘t use green. :slight_smile:




Very inspiring indeed! Sorry for the text being all over the place wrote in on mobile


Thank you so unbelievably much. This post made my year.


Yes The Taile Gamougg series has a long history.