Geometry lab out now

The game is shut down, I am revamping the movement system.
It will be down for maybe 'til later today.

Scratch that, the bug fixing will take a little while longer than today, maybe until next week or two because I can’t seem to grasp how random death/super jump glitches are happening. I might make a topic on it because I have never seen this happen, I have already made a topic on random super jumps building up, but I can’t fix it, it doesn’t seem to be a glitch in the code, I am revamping the entire movement system and it is still happening. So the game will be down for a while.
But I will work on a new update as bug fixing goes along, so new gamemodes, levels, and gameplay orbs/changes. Thank you for your time
– Truce2017

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Just one thing is bothering me; the ship gamemode uses the ufo sprite and not the ship

I am not a very good artist sorry, it was supposed to be a ship sorry.
edit: the ship has been textured so it looks like the ship. it is still a bit squished but I will get to re making textures after working on features.

The games movement have been revamped entirely, there are still bugs, such as the super jump or random death that I can’t seem to fix (if you have suggestions pls say them) but here is the full list:

  • The ship texture has been changed to look like the ship from the game
  • the wave moves more similar to the wave in the real game
  • lots of bug improvements such as yellow orb/pad fixes
  • working on the new gamemode, the UFO!
  • figured out how to flip gravity, guess what is in the next update!
  • The level editor has a functionality, but I need indie to make you be able to share, so not out yet
  • removed Herobrine
    Thank you and enjoy the games playable parts.
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I remember when I played Xbox 360 with my cousin and we saw a singular floating piece of sand and we never entered that world again because we thought it was Herobrine since we knew sand can fall.


My goodness, I remember trying to summon Herobrine with clipbait videos.

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Yeah I did that in my survival world and ran away from the “Herobrine Spawner”


Geometry Lab 29: Free to play, featuring three levels, three game modes, yellow pad & orb, with real functionality.

lol, I am making an update rn, but I am working with @Coofin to make a new game an I hope people think that will be fun.