Gif importing bug

hey, so i was making my game (hello neighbor) and then i downloaded a hello neighbor jumpscare gif to my game, BUT it glitches so much!! (go to this link (my game) and go to the neighbors house and let the neighbor catch you, you see that the jumpscare gif bugs, so here is a glitch (beacuse i just checked the real gif and nothing happend…) so its a glitch from flowlab, thanks Flowlab Game Creator - Hello Neighbor

Many gifs are not compatible with flowlab, which can be due to many things. Also, remember that this is a new feature and also I have no idea what you mean by it glitches.

like the frames stay white (i dont know why) beacuse the original gif is not like this

If the GIF had a transparent background, Flowlab will put a white background behind it. Either that, or GIFS just can’t be transparent. I learned this the hard way when I was uploading my suit up animation that I made for Gamougg 3. Also, your GIF file is way over the limit. You can resize it here: Resize animated GIF (

thanks!! @John_Shrekinson


You’re welcome!