Glitches make my game unplayable.

I have tried every command to make my enemies move, but as soon as the command starts they move then stop, everything else works, like the animations and the flipping, but they just don’t move.

Hey @Corban - which enemy objects are giving you trouble? Which level? Post a few more details and I’ll check it out.

Some of my enemies movements aren’t working either (search Jumpy adventure or Dubgon to see what I’m talking about).

An almost guaranteed way of fixing the glitches is to send a video of your game not working to Flowlab, and they will have no choice but to fix it.

A video definitely helps me to understand what sort of problem you’re having! :slight_smile:

Another option is to post a link, along with detailed info about which objects (and on which levels) are misbehaving and how.