Global Saves

So the idea of this is to be like game center, but for flowlab.

When a variable saves in this behavior, it saves for EVERYONE. That means if I make a global high score rig, and I set the highscore to… lets say 10k, and someone else plays, they will see 10k as the global high-score. If they then beat 10k, their score then is saved, and the new score is whatever.

This should probably be an indie+ only behavior, because of what it might cost to have it.

Honestly, if I do make a steam port, I would like to be able to have the game sync with steam, to make achievements and similar things possible.

sorta off topic
for windows/(Mac later) maybe you can have a file with the name of the save, and the variable next to it, to make steam porting and similar things like it.


Ima bump this