Going through a rough patch

Imma just gonna get this out there so no one else has to:

99% percent of the people on these forums are screwed up in one form or another. This includes me. Behind all the upside-down smiley faces (:upside_down_face:) and memes, my life is really screwed up right now. Going into highschool is definitely better than middle school, which was an absolute nightmare. I’m making bunches of friends and feeling somewhat decent for the first time in two years. One problem still persists though: My dad’s side of the family.

Everything’s constantly in chaos over there, I I keep catching myself breaking down for simple things like not taking out an item of clothing that was in the clean laundry pile. My dad’s marriage with my step mom is a suicide mission; they keep wanting to improve but it always gets worse. My depression is getting pushed to the brink, so much that for the first time I wanted to kill myself today.

Depression is scary. I’ve been researching ways to get better, but I just wanted you guys to know that I’m going through a rough patch, and might not show up on Flowlab that often.
That being said, thank you all for supporting me,

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By the way, sub to Psych2Go. They really helped me learn how to cope with my mental issues, especially my Eisoptrophobia

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Don’t kill yourself. You are important. You may need to

In my religion, you are not allowed to kill yourself or you will go to hell forever. Even if your religion does not have such restrictions, you should know that people care about you (your mom’s side of the family maybe). You matter, and that computer-looking guy from Rotatio needs you.

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