Gooey Revenge (Top Down Shooter Devlog)

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Hey Bud! new enemy idea called stop sign he stuns you for a bit and takes one heart away!


You guys can try to play the game right now.
I added in a score and ranks and a results screen.
There’s only 1 level right now even though I promised 5.
By the way this level:
Is a test level to see if the hearts would work and to also see if the ranks work
and also kills and health save across levels


These are the cubes and gates. To destroy a gate you must destroy the cube that has the same color as the gate. The cubes have 10HP and can summon enemies every 10 seconds.


Hello. New update. Nothing Relevant to the game though. My laptop is getting taken away tomorrow since school is ending. I do have a home laptop but it’s super laggy. I hope I’ll still be able to work on some games during the summer.


Temporary Menu Song.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 9.55.47 PM
(Look at this cool picture I drew above)
(The song isn’t looping when I use it in-game so I’m gonna have to stop using it now, and use this song in the flowlab presets called: “Load-save”. :frowning: )


sounds goofy but i like it


It was 9:59 PM when I made it and I was tired, so I might fix it up later.


Hello. This game is still real.

Ok. So… I was gonna make music for the game but I realized I cannot make music. I tried getting a friend from school to help and she said yes so we talked about it on discord… but they got busy making their VR game, Amaza-Punchin’. Then after that I stopped looking at this game for a while for no reason. And now I’m here. Now the reason I mention this is because… I need someone to help make me music. I can put you in the credits and stuff. I just need help.




Been planning things quietly for the game. I’ve been meaning to edit it but Flowlab got blocked again at my school.

I lost the notebook I’ve been using to plan and make drawings for the game so I’m looking for it still.
Anyway, here are some things I want to update about the game.

-Rock Transformation
-New Bosses


Do you have any pictures or scans of the notebook you were using? If so, you could use those.


Found the notebook.

Anyway, new update; the game isn’t a rogue-like anymore.
It is now a Top-Down Shooter with Some Puzzle Elements. There will be a world lobby for each world soon, after I draw what the map should look like.

Also if anyone knew, the game has newer levels now including a boss.

If anyone could give me feedback on the gameplay I would love to hear it.
Another thing is that the level after the boss fight isn’t done yet so don’t bother playing it.



Summary Made Of Lore

Ever since the asteroids crashed and killed millions of scientists, people had to wonder… how did the strange goo on the asteroids scatter so quickly across the lands making almost every object alive? How did the goo get there? Why is the goo there?

Meanwhile on the planet of the Zepplians we find out the reason of how the goo got onto the asteroids.

The Boss: “Mark! Get O’er Here!”
Mark: “Yes Sir.”
The Boss: "Do you have any idea’r how the hell these green gooey pieces of [Censored For Children :slightly_smiling_face:] got onto my things?
Mark: “Yes, sir. It came from Nerdius. He was doing an experiment and it blew up all over yer stuff and he ran away as fast as he could”
The Boss: “Ah crap! Go O’er there and clean up the goo then will yer? Then throw it out into outer space!”
Mark: “Yes sir.”

Mark then attempted to clean up the strange goo that Nerdius had made and put all 15 tons of them into the rocket which would shoot into space and blow up, which should’ve eradicated the goo from existence, but instead had it duplicate and spread onto shooting asteroids.

Mark; “Oh well”

He shrugged and went back to work as the asteroids were soon to hit a town on Earth and cause a problem.


Level Identification.
Instead of your normal, “1-1” to identify what level you’re in the game, there is a different way.
This the way I use mine. Since each and every one of my levels are actually just a bundle full of multiple levels I have decided to identify; The World, The Sewer Hole, And The Sub-Area.
The first, “1” in “1-1-1” is the world. It obviously shows the world number.

The second “1” in “1-1-1” is the Sewer Hole, what I mean by this is basically the level.

The third “1” in “1-1-1” is the Sub-Area, which is just the level inside of the level.
Hope this makes sense to you as I am gonna use this in the game and I’m sure if I didn’t explain it no-one would understand what it meant.


Maybe after Karma’s Prisoner and Cosmic Stranded’s final update I’ll get back to this.


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