Is it possible to have a mechanic here you can grab enemies and then throw them?
If so I would apreiciate a example (mainly a screen shot of the code)
and thanks in advance!


@glowbug @Galactian @Deadly_Smile @CodeAlpaca

done right here
it’s very old and messy code though
so just do this

when your in proximity, make it turn a switch on that allows you to click to grab the object.
then, i’d make it use this: Flowlab Game Creator - Mouse Orbit Example, and make it shoot by using velocity forward.


Thank you!
but may you please send a screen shot?

i didn’t make the code, i just explained how to do it
it should be relatively simple if you just do what i explained

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key word

i would like a screenshot

Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

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Sorry this took so long, I just started working on it about 15-20 minutes ago. This is just a rough idea of what to do.
In the thing grabbing the object

In the throwable object

I made a sort of grabbing mechanic in this game

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Pretty nice, it seems overly complex but it works well.

I made it a few years ago so I don’t even remember how it works, but it works

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